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Immerse yourself in our healing mineral water here at the El Morocco Inn & Spa! You’ll be able to use our pools from 9am until 4pm. Our large covered Jacuzzi-style spa is just adjacent to the swimming pool and both can be used before and after your spa treatments.

Our Day spa fee is $50 per person OR...
Your visit is completely free with a 1 hour Spa treatment for each person!
Included during your visit is use of our Far Infra-red Sauna-offering a penetrating dry heat which will move throughout your entire body. This type of Sauna offers an unparalleled experience in its ability to promote a restorative, healthful and energizing session.
We also provide use of a lock and locker, a pool towel and a small changing room with shower should you wish to rinse off before you leave us.

For your day visit, the El Morocco offers a wide range of Massage treatments, Scrubs and even our very own Moroccan Mystical Ritual...a relaxing and restorative two hour ritual which concludes with a 3rd eye treatment. You may select from over 24 different services...at the El Morocco, “your wish is our command!”

Day Spa Packages
Desert Mirage
2 & 1⁄2 Full hours $305
Begin your visit by soaking in our healing waters as you prepare for your transcendent experience! Follow one of our highly talented Spa Therapist to your private treatment studio...where you’ll have an hour long Moroccan Mint Sugar Scrub. This will be followed with our fabulous Moroccan Clay Body Mask-we use organic clay, brought to us from the base of the Atlas Mountains of Morocco-known for it’s abilities to help you detox and accelerate cell renewal. Next, drift off to sleep as you experience your Casablanca Scalp Massage treatment to complete your fantasy escape.

The Desert Day Dream
2 Full Hours $225
Start your escape with a relaxing and gentle Swedish Massage, followed by a healing Far Infra-Red Sauna session before your Scrub & Body Glow. Step into our Moroccan-style Jacuzzi spa for a warm jetted massage and end up in the cool mineral water swimming pool for a refreshing float!

Split-Day Package
2 Full Hours $230
Start with our Deep Tissue Massage (not for the faint hearted) and slip into the hot mineral water Jacuzzi for a long soak. Later on in your day, have the half hour Casablanca Scalp Massage, followed up with the half hour Royal Foot Scrub, to put the perfect finishing touches on a relaxing & rejuvenating day.

Can’t spend the whole day?
Try one of our mini-packages...

Sultans Express
1 1⁄2 Hours $150
For quick but very thorough relaxation, have our winning combination called the Marrakech Melting Massage with your choice of a half hour Scalp or Foot Massage. Snooze poolside and slip into our warm mineral water pools for sweet relief and a refreshing swim before heading off.

Head to Toe
1 Full Hour $100
Head to toe, our treatments are the best! Our half hour Royal Foot Scrub will help put a spring in your step...and it’s followed by our Casablanca Scalp Massage-with our restorative oils to help add luster and new life to your hair.

Aladdin’s Alchemy
2 Full Hours $200
Take a dip in the pools to start and then enjoy your soothing 1 hour Casablanca Scalp Massage, followed by another 1 hour Swedish Massage to truly feel immersed in your quick escape!

Every good spa has a ritual, and ours is over the top!  You won't soon forget our Signature treatment!

The Moroccan Mystical Ritual
2 Full Hours $300
Begin with a soak in our Moroccan style Jacuzzi spa, where our talented therapist will come to greet you and whisk you away as if on a Magic carpet!
A luxurious combination of exotic treatments, your whole body massage will consist of a Deep Tissue Massage in your specified areas, Swedish Therapy and Lomi-Lomi followed by an Herbal Dry Brushing, Warm Towels, Smoothing Cool Stones and a Purifying Salt Scrub.
The climatic flourish features a Cocoon Wrap, and during this stage, a Royal Foot Treatment is followed up with a warm mineral rinse and light moisturizing rubdown. To complete your Moroccan Spa Ritual, 3rd eye work with warm exotic oil from our Moroccan tea pot –is poured slowly over your forehead...Bliss




“Leave the Outside World Behind!”
This is the standard to which all specialty lodging should aspire: quality, value, offbeat charm, sumptuous yet funky rooms, unique ambience, and first-class service. Owner Bruce Abney has carved a little world unto itself in the middle of nowhere. Or what seems like the middle of nowhere, compared to the rest of the Coachella Valley’s desert resort cities.
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